pokemon fire red my boy

pokemon fire red my boy

hello people today im gonna show you how to get oneof the three legendary starters it could either be rayquaza or groudon or kyogre okay so letsbegin the first thing that you need to do you should have file called an .exe file calleda-starter okay i'll just leave a link in the description below you can download it fromthere so once you open it, this is what it looks like you have to go to "file" open "rom" andopen the .gba file this is your starter pokemon and your rival's. in your place you have tochange the bulbasaur to rayquaza, squirtle to groudon and charmander to kyogre. lets begin with level 5 so you dont need tochange that. now, rival's starters.

this time you don't really need to be toogenerous there - caterpie, metapod, and weedle and your rival will start with level 1 so,after you are done, save the rom and close it. ill go with rayquaza but its yourchoice no problem. this is what you do and next time i'm gonnashow you how to get all the three starters. do let me know if you wanna see that. thank you!

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