pokemon game boy advance roms

pokemon game boy advance roms

what's up youtube, this is hecticcownationand today i'm going to show you guys how to use the program visual boy advance 1.8. torun game boy advance, color, and just normal game boy games on a pc. i have a windows 10pc but this does work on windows 7, 8, and 8.1. i believe it also works on windows vista andon windows xp. because i have gotten this to work on an xp. but i have not had the opportunityto run it on a vista, but i'm pretty sure it would work. i believe it also does workon mac, but it is going to be different. i don't have a mac to show you guys, but um...i'm sure there's another tutorial on youtube for that if that's what you're looking for.so... i'm going to open up the program visual boy advance and you get this... menu. now, wheneveryou open up the program, it starts out kind

of small, like that. and i made it full screenso that you guys can see it better. but uh... so you have file, options, cheats, tools,and help. help is for bug reports, faqs and the uh... the about section. tools is formultiple different things such as recording and playing back your gameplay. i have nevergotten that to work though. if you get it to (work) uh... please reply in the descriptionhow you were able to get it to record. now for cheats, there are... cheats. which (it's) kindof obvious what those are. options such as frame skrip--frame skip, video, emulator, sound, gameboy,and there's priority, filter, joypad. joypad is for changing your controls in your gamei am perfectly happy with the default controls, but i'm going to show you how you would dothat. now, in the options menu, there's joypad

configure, and in this configure menu... thereis 1,2,3, and 4. and there's also the default, which you choose. the default is 1. but forconfigure, you want to change your default and here (are) all of the keybinds for the emulator.and those are you controls for in games. i'm going to run "pokemon fire red." um... butbefore i do i'm going to show you what the file does. now you just say that when i clicked"open" that it opened up all my games. which are on the desktop. now we have load a game--a game-- a game save state. a save state is for any of you who have never emulated beforewhich is what this tutorial is really for... a save state is... pretty much you can save at any time...

and then load it. so... say you're choosing your starter pokemon and you want to save in your battle with gary because you're losing... and so... you want to load back to that exact point. you can on a emulator. there's pausing

your game play, importing and exporting certain things like gamesharks -- gameshark codes. and then there's exit. yeah, so, i'm going to be playing a game called "pokemon fire red"

so... it just should load every time. every time you load a rom, the screen goes back to the way it originally was. but... um... despite all of that... yes, i would like to mute this so that you can hear what i'm saying. because it's going to be kind of

awful, because uh... if you couldn't hear what i was saying it would just ruin the whole video. but here it is. it's playing on my windows 10 pc. as you can see. and... uh... that rhymed. and so we have all our things set

in place we're ready to play the game... um... introduction. now this is the best--maybe one of the best parts about this emulator is that if you press "space" the game speeds up like crazy fast.

it's just great. yeah... so... yeah... whoa i did not type that but okay. okay, so anyway... [laughs] the game... it loads up-- loads it up and now i'd going to show you that it does auto detect what kind of game you're playing.

but i'm showing you that that was a game boy advanced (advance) so now i'm going to show you yellow, which had some color... as it was on the game boy and... yeah... so... as you can see there is some color. there's pikachu. pikachu

more pikachu. yellow version. so... all of that does work properly. and now we're going to open up that last game on our list which is: pokemon red version. yes, i love all these games they're so good. um... as you can see they all function... properly. and...

you just go on google and... search for the name of the game that you want to play. look up some game boy games on youtube. um... but i ha-- i'm going to include all the links to that games that i have in this review for this program--for this tutorial. i will have all of these in the description of the video below.

so... if i helped anyone out, let me know in the comment section below so...

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