pokemon gold pokemon

pokemon gold pokemon

hey!i am daniel and welcome to pokemon explained. in this video i am going to explain why youneed, or should very much consider, getting a male gyarados at the lake of rage in pokemongold and in pokemon silver. this is because having a shiny pokemon whenbreeding in the 2nd generation, it increases the chance of the offspring to be shiny too! there are some pretty hefty mechanics behindthis and i am going to explain most of them with visual examples so that you can breedsome shiny pokemon in gold and silver! what you need to know about shiny pokemonin the 2nd generation is that the shininess is determined by a certain combination ofits stats. this was later changed to where

there’s now a shiny: true or false codeinstead. because this is not the case in pokemon gold and silver, let’s have some fun withit. the details for which stats that are passeddown can be found on bulbapedia, but as you may see, the description of these mechanicsare pretty hard to understand. i therefore decided to do my best at breakingthis down for you visually. what you need to be aware of, is that it isthe opposite gender offspring that can have the chance of being shiny, in the majorityof cases. the exceptions, other than ditto, i don’t want to try and explain. if ditto is shiny, the offspring has a 1/64chance of being shiny. therefore a shiny ditto

in pokemon gold and silver is very valuable. if you don’t have a shiny ditto, and becausegetting a shiny ditto is pretty difficult, we need to find a way to work around that.our solution is our male shiny gyarados. [also! an important note here before we proceedis to check out the pokemon explained episode covering egg groups, if you don’t know whatthose are. you need this for the next part to be understandable]. this visual example shows you the processof getting a shiny pokemon in the daycare. you put the male shiny gyarados in the daycare.because the shininess is passed down to the opposite gender offspring, you can see thatin this example, we would eventually get a

shiny female ekans. because it’s only 50% females of the 1/64egg hatches that can be shiny, your odds are â½*1/64= 1/128.what you can now do, is to use the female shiny ekans (and male shiny gyarados) andhope for a male shiny ekans. the odds of getting a shiny male ekans is 1/128, and if you keepthe male gyarados you also have another 1/128 chance of getting another female shiny ekans.maybe you can trade shinies with other pokemon trainers? (the odds are now â½*1/64 + â½*1/64= 1/64 odds.) when you then get the shiny male ekans, whatyou have done, is that you have unlocked the field egg group.

as you have a male shiny pokemon, what youcan now do, is to repeat the process: find a new pokemon, one that does have two egggroups. one that you have already, and one that you don’t and so you can work yourway to get a male shiny pokemon in the new egg group also. what i now want from you, is to do some researchand talk in the comments about ways to access new egg groups? what pokemon do you have tobreed from the shiny male gyarados to unlock new egg groups? and i encourage you to tradesome shiny pokemon with each other! talk to people in our npc hq over at discord!

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