pokemon pink version

pokemon pink version

metal jesus: metal jesus here, and i am backagain with kelsey. kelsey: hello. today, we are gonna be talkingabout pokã©mon spin-off games. this includes games that came out here in america, gamesthat never made it outside of japan or europe, and also some bootlegs. metal jesus: and this is perfect for me becausei don't know anything about pokã©mon. so let's take a look. so i don't know anything aboutthis. where should we begin? kelsey: i guess we should like start withsome game that you guys might be familiar with because they did come out here in thestates. some of you guys have probably even played these. we'll start with a really obviousone that i think a lot of you guys know.

metal jesus: i do have this one. kelsey: you do? metal jesus: i do. kelsey: okay, awesome. so this is pokã©monsnap. if you haven't played this game it's an awesome kind of like, i guess it's technicallya rail shooter. but you're taking pictures of pokã©mon and their environments and youget to do things like throw apples and throw balls at them to try to get them to do certainthings to pose really well for a picture. this was really popular. a lot of people wantthis to come back, and i do too. you even have fun with this game, right? you're noteven a pokã©mon fan.

metal jesus: yeah because i like rail shootersso, for me, it was very easy to start playing it. so, yeah it was pretty cool. kelsey: so that's one you guys probably alreadyknow of. this is one of the ones i liked when i was a kid. this is called pokã©mon channel.you guys might have played a game called hey you pikachu, this is pretty similar to that.you have a pikachu that you're kind of just roaming around in the environment with. there'salso a big tv mechanic in it and it's got a bunch of different channels on it that youinteract with. there's even like a coloring section on the tv, a bunch of really interestingkind of weird mini-games. metal jesus: is it a kid's game?

kelsey: i would call it a kid's game. youknow this came out in the gamecube era, i don't know, five years or so after the originalpokã©mon came out. so this is when people had started to grow up a little bit but, forpeople like me, i was still a kid when this was out. metal jesus: that's cool, okay. kelsey: finally, this isn't even a game, butthey released a bunch of these. these are pokã©mon videos, literally, just videos youput in your gameboy advance and you can watch an episode of pokã©mon. metal jesus: it's kind of wild that they wereable to encode video small enough to put on

a cartridge to play back in the day. kelsey: i think so too. and it only has liketwo or three episodes on any of these, but they actually did this with a lot of seriesincluding a lot of nickelodeon shows and i think yu-gi-oh as well. metal jesus: does it look good? kelsey: yeah, yeah i would say so, especiallyfor the game boy advance. the games we're used to seeing on that are all 16 bit so itwas surprising that the screen has the capability to do something like that. metal jesus: are those collectible at all?the videos.

kelsey: i don't know. i actually won thisin a contest for free so i have no idea what they are worth. they're probably not wortha whole lot because i've never really heard anyone talk about wanting them. metal jesus: i could see me nerding out it,though, especially if there's anime. that's cool. kelsey: pretty cool thing. so i'm going tomove onto imports. now there's a lot of really cool import things that we didn't get overhere in the states. metal jesus: now before you start, though,i wanted to mention that you work at pink gorilla which, in seattle, has a bunch ofstores and they specialize in imports. and

so is this where you got a lot of the importsat? kelsey: you know a lot of these i actuallygot myself, just i do a lot of importing personally. a few of these i did get from the store, though,and i can point out which ones those were. so i guess we'll start with my favorite one.now this actually came out in both japan and europe but, sad americans, we didn't get this. metal jesus: can you say what this says? kelsey: this is pokã©mon typing. i think thisone's called like play and collect pokã©mon typing ds. metal jesus: i thought you were going to saythe japanese word.

kelsey: no. metal jesus: that was a test. kelsey: sorry. of course, in europe, it'scalled pokã©mon typing adventure. this is super cool and although it has... metal jesus: so it's a keyboard for a ds? kelsey: it is a keyboard for the ds. thisis the only game it works for sadly. it would be really cool if it worked with animal crossing,but it doesn't. it comes with a wireless keyboard which i will take out and show you just becausei think it is so cool. and the object of this game is you're kind of going down the linejust kind of like in pokã©mon snap and you're

typing out the name of the pokã©mon as theyappear and as you type them... metal jesus: like typing the dead? kelsey: yes, exactly like typing the dead,except you're not killing them. metal jesus: i love that game. i'm actuallyreally good at that game. kelsey: are you? metal jesus: oh yeah. kelsey: i'm not so good at this one. metal jesus: i can type really well. kelsey: yeah?

metal jesus: mm-hm. kelsey: see i'm like one of those point and... metal jesus: yeah. kelsey: so i'm not very good at it. this isthe really cool keyboard accessory that comes with it. it's wireless. metal jesus: it looks nice. kelsey: yeah, it's really cool. it also comeswith a stand, which is nice, so that your ds can be propped up while you're playingthe game and you don't have to be looking like that all hunched over it. so the ds willsit up just like that, kind of like a little

screen right in front of you, and then youcan play with that wireless keyboard. pretty metal jesus: that's pretty cool. kelsey: yeah, this also came...there's a versionwith a black keyboard. i have not been able to find it, though. metal jesus: so you have both versions here?you have the import and the american? kelsey: this is european. this one didn'tcome out in america sadly. this is in english so this one a lot easier. i just recentlygot this one, and i had always been playing this one. it's kind of complicated becauseall the pokã©mon names are not their normal names. it's their japanese names. so i'llbe like "oh, tepig. no, just kidding. that's

pokabu." that's why it's a little difficultif you don't know the japanese names for the pokã©mon. metal jesus: that'd be me. kelsey: yeah or the english names in yourcase maybe? metal jesus: yeah, that's true. kelsey: so here's another really weird one.this is called pokã©mon treta. if you ever go to japan they actually have these giantarcade machines with a big pokeball on it, you can kind of see it on the cover here rightthere, and there's usually a long line for them because people love them. so they comewith these little pog looking things and you

battle these pogs against other pogs and canwin these pokã©mon in the machines. this is actually kind of the home version of it andit's an attachment for the ds that allows you to read what's on the pogs, look at whattheir types are, look at matchups. it allows spaces for two of them in there so if youget a new a little pog, that's probably not what they're called but that's what they remindme of, you can put them both side by side and see how they would match up. kind of cool. kelsey: has cool little chips and it has someof their stats on the back here. this is the one that came with the limited edition pichu.this is the first print of this game, and it's really almost just like a pokedex becauseyou can't really do anything with it. you

have to do all the actual battling and gettingof the pokã©mon in the arcade part. metal jesus: that's cool. kelsey: but it's cool. metal jesus: yeah. all right, i'll be vanna. kelsey: yeah there's a lot of stuff and alot of these are really big. oh and this also does come with a stand for both the 3dsxland the regular 3ds. but it's a big box so it looks a lot cooler than i think it actuallyis. this is a game that actually did come out in the states, but i wanted to point itout because the japanese one comes with something really cool that we didn't get. this is pokã©moncoliseum. it's kind of like pokã©mon stadium,

and it comes with this translucent black memorycard. this is the only way to get this translucent black memory card. it's a japan exclusivememory card, which i think is kind of a goofy concept, but it's a cool thing to have. metal jesus: yeah, that's cool. and that coverrocks. kelsey: if you've never seen a japanese gamecubeboxes, by the way, they're obviously very... metal jesus: they're awesome. kelsey: ...different than ours, and they'repretty cool. kelsey: here's another really cool one. thisis pokã©mon, it's called like pokã©mon beginning cards or pokã©mon beginner cards, some whospeaks japanese will probably correct me on

this. i apologize. but this is a game thatteaches you how to play the pokã©mon trading card game. metal jesus: i love all this physical stuff.this is so awesome. kelsey: oh, it's so great. we never get anythingcool like this in the states. so it comes with the game, of course, and a bunch of actualpokã©mon cards, so you can start battling with your friends with the assistance of theds teaching you what to do. you've seen like those cooking, those recipe games on the ds?kind of think of it like that. you're just using the game as an aid to help you guysplay. and it comes with mats and counters and all the stuff you would need to get started.

metal jesus: that is cool. kelsey: yeah. another one you guys have probablyseen in the states, but you may not know this, this is kind of fun trivia. this is pokã©monstadium. you remember we had two here. well, they had three. this is the original pokã©monstadium. this is pokã©mon stadium 2, and this is our pokã©mon stadium 2, which includesthe gold and silver pokã©mon, so pokã©mon from the second generation. metal jesus: so with all these imports doyou play them in japanese? are you able to get through them even though you don't knowany? kelsey: some of them. pokã©mon typing is prettyeasy. that i actually totally recommend if

you like typing the dead and if you like pokã©mon,it's a dream come true for you. and i think you'll be able to get through it even if youdon't get the european one, even if you get the japanese one, it's still pretty easy toget through. it's just menu navigation really. the 64 games not so much. you can play themand i've played like the mini-games in them because these all have mini-games, but youwould have to know all the names of the moves to really work. so the first pokã©mon stadiumthey got we actually never got here. this only has about 70 of the original 151 pokã©monin it. so it's not the full thing that we got, which is this one. kind of confusingbut to recap, their one doesn't exist for us, their two is our one, their three is ourtwo.

metal jesus: yeah, i'm confused. sounds likethe final fantasy series. kelsey: kind of, yeah. they do that to ussometimes. they're like, "they'll figure it out. it's fine." this is the final thing iwant to show off. this is super cool and a fun piece of nintendo trivia as well as pokã©montrivia. this is called the nintendo power cartridge which sounds a lot like the magazine,same name. but in japan, they had these cartridges you could buy. they're completely blank, andyou'd take them up to lots of convenience stores would have a little kiosk where youwould load a game of your choosing onto a game or onto the cartridge. metal jesus: are you kidding me? this is awesome.

kelsey: it's so cool. and you'd pay for whatevergames. a few games could only be purchased this way. so this one i'm holding right hereis pokã©mon picross. that was the only way to get this game, and you guys have probablyseen they're now releasing one for the 3ds finally after all these years. metal jesus: wow. kelsey: so this is really cool, and this one'sone of the more rare ones because like i said, there's no other way to get it other thanthrough this download service. it also had a lot of other games like dr. mario and supermario world, donkey kong, all those kind of things were available through this service.and they were cheaper based on how long they

had been out, so you could download some ofthe older ones real cheap and some of the brand new games that just came out, fire emblemfor instance. the radica, i think is how you pronounce it. do you remember that one? thatwas one of the games you could only get like this and it retailed for 9,800 yen or roughly$75. that one was expensive, but most of these games were pretty cheap. and all of the cartridgeslook exactly the same so you if you want to know what's on these, you have to actuallyplug them in and see. metal jesus: oh, because it depends on whatyou do. kelsey: yeah, whoever wanted, i mean theyall look exactly the same and someone could have put it in there a loaded dr. mario orthey could have loaded this really cool pokã©mon

picross on it. metal jesus: this is so cool, where did youget that? kelsey: this i actually did get at pink gorilla.they come in kind of randomly. people just kind of find them and if you don't have asuper nintendo or a super famicom or retron or anything on you, you wouldn't be able totest it and know what's on it. it's not like most games where you can just read the labeland be like i know what that is. metal jesus: so you have some bootlegs thatyou want to show as well? kelsey: yes, i do have some really cool bootlegshere. these are just some of the things i collect, obviously, none of these are licensedby nintendo in any way shape or form. this

is some guy who decided they wanted to makea pokã©mon game. so this one's cool. this is on the mega drive, and it is a platformerin which you play as pikachu and you kind of go through these different levels. it'sactually really hard. metal jesus: so is it a hack of a previousgame or... kelsey: no, i don't think so. i think thisis all new. i've seen that a couple of people have found versions of this game on othersystems as well. i've seen a super nintendo version of this as well as a mega drive versionof this. so obviously, this one kind of got around. it was not just a one-time thing.and i haven't really gotten past level four on this because it's pretty hard. half ofthe creatures in this are not actually pokã©mon.

they're just random monster someone createdand then some of them are pokã©mon. so you go through a level, there's some enemies thatare sometimes pokã©mon, sometimes not, on the way and then you usually fight like aboss at the end. there's like snorlax and some other ones that you have to defeat butit's not easy. this is not an easy game. this is a really weird one. i actually haven'tgotten this to work yet because you need a modded ps1. this is a bootleg ps1 game calledpokã©mon crazy hit, and this is lovely, lovely cover art. it says, "hit me" at the top. thisis whack-a-mole with pokã©mon. metal jesus: okay. kelsey: i've watched videos of it, and i stillneed to mod my playstation to get it to work

but... metal jesus: you had to have it. kelsey: i had to have it. it was like $5 andit's hilarious. just the cover art itself makes it worth it. and this is my favorite.i wouldn't really call this a bootleg. this is a rom hack. so this is a fan created onerelatively recently rather than a lot of these were probably passed off... metal jesus: a rom hack is where they startwith an actual game then they just swap out the artwork basically? kelsey: exactly. and the story, text, thatkind of stuff. so this is pokã©mon fire red,

originally, and it's called pokã©mon snakewood.this is pokã©mon set in the zombie apocalypse. metal jesus: oh dude, this sounds awesome. kelsey: so throughout your time running throughthis pokã©mon world, you run into a bunch of zombie pokã©mon. you can catch them anduse them on your team. you'll also run into zombie trainers. they usually have zombiepokã©mon. there's some really weird parts. there's a decapitated pikachu head on a stickat one point. metal jesus: that sounds awesome! kelsey: yeah. and there's some guy who youfight half way through it who has glued a bunch of pokã©mon together to create justone horrible, horrifying sprite that you end

up fighting and it just shows up as a monster. metal jesus: the fact that it has blood spatteron the cover... kelsey: yeah, it's great. it's a little cheesyat times and towards the very end, they kind of break the fourth wall a lot, but it's worthplaying if you just want something totally weird. metal jesus: wow, that's cool. kelsey: this one works pretty well. sometimesthe bootlegs you find are like really hit or miss with whether or not they'll work onyour systems but never had any problems with this one because this one's actually manufacturedrather than...

metal jesus: you can tell by the cover... kelsey: yeah, someone spent time and careon this instead of you know "hit me." metal jesus: that's cool. well, this is justa small sample of some the stuff you want to talk about, which i'm pretty excited aboutbecause i don't know if it's obvious, but i don't know crap about pokã©mon. i have some,but i really haven't jumped into it. kelsey: it's kind of a younger person's thingi would think. metal jesus: just call me old. that hurtsbecause it's true. kelsey: older than me. metal jesus: that's true. this is only partone, right?

kelsey: this is part one. i own quite a bitmore than this so if there's interest, i'm more than happy to share the rest of it. there'sa whole lot more, especially english ones, i only barely touched on the english ones.but more imports as well and a lot more bootlegs. metal jesus: that's cool. well, we'd loveto know what you guys think on the comments below. please let us know. thanks for comingon. kelsey: thank you. thanks for having me. metal jesus: that's awesome. all right, thanksfor watching my channel. thank you for subscribing and take care. you know, they say with agecomes wisdom. that's the theory anyways. you know what also happens with age? you get grayhairs. did you notice my beard? i'm getting

some gray hair. damn! i still feel 18. whatthe hell? when did i get old? when did that happen? so annoying. so annoying.

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