pokemon plusle

pokemon plusle

tony what's your favorite color death what is going on my eyebrows welcomeback to another episode of pokemon of vega the nuzlocke challenge and in theprevious episode we started out our adventure we picked our starter pokemonand we also got our first encounter but then we killed it so then we got asecond encounter and we caught it see ya and in this episode i'm gonnafigure out what we got it do and we gotta do it and we're gonna advance inthe plot and all that stuff but in the last episode i also talked aboutbringing back some guests like in the blaze black series because you guysenjoyed that a lot and who better yet to

thwaite know who better to bring thenthe king of i guess commentary the king of commentary i'm gonna call him thatfor today that's his new title the man the myth huh tell me that i would justwent with the flood in my mind that you went with you gotta do some of that youwent with the flow and you had a literal braid farlis yeah that literally had abrain or something you can do what was the guy's name tony indigestion i knewwho i am then you need to go on ahead and let yourselves be pleased to yourlistening pleasure of my beautiful voice if you can't see me but i'm actuallythere right next to you yeah like this right you know if you're not wearing anysocks well turn left turn your head left

turn your head right look up and lookdown and look back at the computer because you're looking somewhere that isnot on this computer screen stupid anyways it's like i don't know why listen toyour pony daddy stop stop looking in those direction because you're lookingat nothing stupid right either way in the previous episode ialso stated that i was going to do a bit of grinding before we actually move onin advance in the plot and i did this i went ahead and battled all the trainer'sthat i skipped over in the last episode and trained up furby up to level 10 andi didn't actually even show you guys

like the nature's or basically stats orabilities on any of my pokemon so we're gonna do that now so let's take a lookat furby our female glai child yeah lonely nature with the ability clearbody which is nice and pretty decent stats and then next up we have chaoswhich is our starter pokemon level 11 with quite nature liquid is it saysability and pretty decent stats you can read it there i don't have to read everysingle number to you because you guys have eyes and if you done what if theydon't have eyes we don't have eyes then i apologizesuited their bars okay what i actually found out is that you have to talk tothis girl in order to actually move on

with the plot because she's gonna tellyou they need to battle the wind straight family yeah and they're on goto which we you guys didn't know where that was it's actually right here righttony i don't care about the i don't care about the wind street family i careabout the addams family if you guys are old enough to know about that show ilove you we it's not like the monsters living together it's actually a reallylit show like i used to watch it when i was growing up oh thanks man you know itry so hard oh good whoa you know how you know how youtubeis nowadays with the with the do monetizing over swearing you calm downyou know sorry i'm sorry

hey youtube you a breather way we had togo up here we had to talk to vivian and you know what since i've been doing allthe voices i'm gonna let tony do this little girl oh whoa pause that'sa core case that is a court case we just got told about you on your broken name the younger sister i guess what i don'tknow either way school kid vivian wants the battle she's gonna send out a pichuif pixels can kill you that girl would have killed you wowi should she now she's reaching out of her her hand outside of your computerscreen and just choking the shit out of you another swear words feed you or imean you look you're a top fiber you see

i mean i could do a hand oh snap backflip flap the guy with the blue straps arm with the kitkat'syeah anyways it's really cool without sites let's go on ahead and battle andi'm gonna skip the text because you know it arrived of course you can remember ithello do you not know who i am no corey good i don't know i don't knowwho i am kirby all right i lik what should i stayin uh go to your highest level mon they're doing the same well i mean oh notony you're lagging no you're lagging okay we're good now all right what arewe what do we go to chaos alright chaos time for you to shine we're just gonnapound pound that boy

no he got a you got a crit on you no noit's on you i stock piled on potions because i remember you know what i kindof feel like you need to throw a poke you all at this pole come on let's getabout us let's be on i'm een i would say something but i'm not going to you knowi did no good i say something no we're not rehashing that i want to break thefourth wall here you know what dude you know i dude you're just making thisuncomfortable now i make this a couple you told me to do a little girl get youtook that out of context you know what you're gonna i do i wanted okayyou know i this whole this whole episodes just oh my god you're likereally strong but i'm even stronger i'm

a strong independent black woman i meanwow you're just assuming that okay you know what okaykiller pokeball don't please don't is this a is this in general one whereit's like you flinch every second just pounded just pop no longer that's crazyokay you're taking all the things i say out of context right now no i'm notinsane no i wasn't taking now an out of context you took that one out of contextyou took you know what no i was taking things out of context no literally likeno no no no i just said there you literally had one heard of beingdisabled that's why i said that that's crazy what the fuck is that that's thestart that's the grass starter

what does he grow thing getting biggerwhat is he writing does he have a gut oh that's not a little leaf that's a bigbig leaf that is a victreebel leaf is that the level 12 pound our dude you'rejust feeding me feed me more as ryback would say and if anyone knows thatreverence then i love you and if you don't i still love you anyways i do likehow this game does have at least other pokemonyeah they bring back sides oh come on i like that i saw togepi earlier well uh he's a dork you dorkoh my dykes really luckily i have potions i heardthis game is pretty difficult i'm gonna

oh no my battery my battery's lowokay well your battery my battery is on my camera because i use a differentcamera cuz they're reports in the 60fps but either way once it's once it diesi'll probably just to change the battery resumed play it away let's pretend likei didn't break the fourth wall for a second there let's just kill the soundoh i'll get it out without you lagging constantly you know that's your problemthat sounds like a you problem right now i'm about to literally disconnect themjust kidding my internet i'll be doing whatever i can are you ready then i can wait yeah

okayanyways we're back guys sorry about that my camera battery died what no one inshowbiz the show must go on and i got another battery and we're backagain i was today oh i don't know if anyone heard but if you're gonna keepthat part with me say good but like i was literally watching a video of mileycyrus singing see you again and that's what i just got stuck in my freaking outover here okay oh my god you actually didn't swear thank you i was gonna swearoh now i'm going to swear cuz you said so okay wait wait the wind streets justgot straightened out but either way we defeated the wind streets what else dowe have to do now oh it's you i just got

word over my pokã©nav i'm surprised youmanaged to win against the wind straight siblings well as promised i'll get outof the way that's right better get out of the way and now we can finally battlethe chance i'd rather catch another pokemon cuz you don't look like you'reready for a got-dang gym battle no i'm really not but where else can i go toget a pokemon i mean depends really on what the gym type is let's go see whatthe gym type is pretty sure i could check on the thing oh this one's like agrass all it's fast i maybe yo how's it going do you have a dream bigdare to dream pom pom damn dope oh hey co-op reading check no do you know manand bug types oh bug type jegs okay so i

don't think i amoh my gosh i was able to get a thing thingy thing let me go down good i don'tknow well you know what i'm gonna do a quick cut and see if i can find anypokemon and if i'm i don't know why i'm gonna say fine but i'll be back yeah2000 years later and i didn't get any encounters because we didn't have cut orthe thing that breaks rocks so yeah go ahead and i could break your rocks youknow what i wish you were here so i could break your head with my face ihope that girl brutally well i can't say it out on video is that pineco up yourfurbys something dreadlock catch this water gun the gun of water i really hopehe doesn't explode can you stop

protecting me he's trying to protecthimself what did that what the flowers tellwatch the flowers tell ya hi how do the flowers teleport that do they make anysense how does it well i mean first of all it's like flowey from undertale manyou know it just happens bringing up undertale on the chin you know 3k howwhite yeah but yeah i said duck and click oh my god okay know what pressthe switch i did now i go to the flow on the right okay you're back and it turns out thatall i had to do was apparently apparently we're all supposed to knowthat there's a switch on the window and

then just go to the right okay thanksgame but either way we got our line that's all we're ready to take on thegym because you know what we don't slash around here all right we get stuff doneno you know what tony since you're the guesti'll let you do the honors of just saying whatever the gym leader is gonnasay do it how about i can do that without a laggy screen and you just doit cuz you could see it no what no you're a guess i can't reach you no i'mfine i'll do it then you know what fun i totally can't do it cuz it's laggy noi'm fine ah welcome well my name's annette i'm junipercity's gym leader

i love bug pokemon and is that reallystrange or something i always hear people say that's weird or grow quiteunderestimate the bug type and you'll suffer the consequences well then let'sbegin hey i think overwatch is calling my namewhat yo now it's pretty late fine coach you got a puppy no it's crazy axleloadif you you know have you explode i'm gonna cryyou know it's crazy i actually forgot the poncho as a blood pool blood guy tocall oh yo we live in we live as wild didn't you rolled herbill he's trying to roll out on you all right i'm gonna just stick in and iwould i would have switched i would have

switched that looks so coolrolled er don't worry we wait watch it has roll out steamroller oh you betterwhat is that move did what i think i'm gonna do some feelers see what happensokay rock throw wait okay i can i can water gun this trouble just bubble justwobble no i think it's oh yeah oh yeah what aregonna so okay they had water sport these raise this defense but that doesn'tmatter cuz special attacker yeah it's a rock-type or ground thing you know it'sa bug it's a bit to ground bug i remember okay she just are you gonnajust use all your potions on this thing next next questionalright then tony what's your favorite

color again yeah alright anyways we'regonna go ahead and finish out rolls earth and i think just to be on the safeside when she sends out her last pokemon i'm just gonna heal up i rather you thiswhich i'd rather you to switch well i mean we don't even know what chuckleyes then yeah it wasn't like you know it yeah water-type boo just do it okay whatshould i what should i do should i do uh just water just yeah no no yeah yeshyper very much oh and sorry you know i was like rock - he has what he has waterpool oh my speed fell though that's not cool that's alright he doesn't matteri'm just gonna take a lot more than just one rock tomb to make me slower thanthat's actually crazy that's act that's

disgusting oh my lord my lord pleasehave mercy yeah how you gotta like i gotta do thisokay i got a good either get rid of this - you need a crit oh okayhe's probably gonna get off five curses he's charter one shot you let's behonest actually no rock yeah rock to music physical because this is goingbased off of firered/leafgreen mechanics please oh gosh okay he got two cursesoff i don't think that's enough to knock the galaxy oh yeah that did nothingalthough i maybe should heal especially since the dirt oh berry juice such asberry oh yeah yeah that's what you i'm gonna heal just in case he gets a critor anything like that

all right curse oh my lord dude he'sgonna get curses on this just spam water gun that's all you can do until you geta credit card if he oh my i swear dude if shuckle kills me can iget a crit i need a mother of all crits right now oh okaythat's why hold yeah i can still live one this is gonna suck dudeoh yes yes you miss i just gotta keep water gunningi forgot as low accuracy to but not low accuracy but it has something alright ithink i can win this i can win this no crits alright dude this is a goodstrategy for him all right oh wow please miss i'm hopingfor a miss on the rock - now i think he

kills you here nope needs a crit inorder to kill me and i'm hoping he doesn't get that beaver hey it's maxdamage ah cuz right now look it's miss can you miss oh my god that's wild thatthat that's max damage cuz now that's it 20 okay please pleaseplease please bulldoze oh that's nothing okay coolhe doing that keep doing that bull i think i think bulldoze is special noit's not this what did you run out of rock tombs i think so when i went iwouldn't test it alright i'm gonna keep healing until ihave no potions left okay cool i think i can take i can take one of whatever hehits with this kind of help well you

could take two actually well i can do -i don't know if i can feel oh okay please i need a crate okay i thinki i think i can take one now i think i got i think i got this i had to use mynoggin on this one by noggin i mean spam potions but yeah the hours of credit itwas no crime sorry you got max damage that's what you need you need max damageor man that one does max that one worked a little sweat on me but we beat gymleader and a net well sorry i just honestly didn't even consider thethought that you could be that strong since i lost though here you goi'll give you the official pokemon league ohelmast best the heck is an l man

okay the l nap badge was received from anet that little that literally sounds like something from game of throneslet's be honest well nasa no that sounds like something from lord of the rings idon't even think game of thrones would like go that far fetched for the namebut either way chaos is evolving yikes this chicken is ready god ialready know what the middle stage looks like by either way this is gonna be nicebecause we get our first pokemon evolution and a dab it on the haters dabon the haters hide rush i kind of like that name actually hi joshconfuse ray you know what why not because i have grout enter insert myemote from twitch ahahaha get it because

his mascots a wobbuffet pre evolutionswhy not bonnie hey you can have this as well team 15 from him and then yeah yougot cut not bad actually i don't think any i don't think any of her pokemon yousignal beam in that that's not but i'll take it here the way what is this pleasedon't battle me i'm awesome there oh oh a do you wanna you do can you is your isyour thing not lagging anymore can you do voices yeah it's not like i got thisi could give him a nice soothing and mysterious voice oh dear i heard it frommy wife i heard that there was a big sale on turnips at the nearby grocerystore so i ran here hey it's me the moss oh that badge what i see couldit be possibly a fish upon a leash

you've already earned the el mack badgeall right it was how quickly how skillfully how easily you could win ityou have won it yo he's fuckin dr. seuss over here his name's not maus anymoreit's i beat that jim maybe my marriage would lineoh incoming pokã©nav transmission the mesmero show be right back after thesemessages i'll do romeroi guess hey oh hey man have you been you know the standard emotional fatigue thatplagues us all i have no idea what that's supposed to mean then again inever understood you so you brought me in as a substitute elite core member ithink it's good for me that's crazy yeah

well hey it's methe original moss of the elite yikes really yikes yeah yeah yeah that's thebest kind of thing triple dot well well why then oh great and come home soonyou bitch that was a prank call you lying through your gap tube it's got meall pumped up yo he's gonna battle you before i forget to in my excitement iought to leave hey it was me the most the most extravagant person walking awaywith freaking fedora get out of my presence no speaka doris i'll murderyour children all right no we're gonna knock this episode here guys i hope youguys catching the pokemon i'm getting this but either way we're gonna end offthe episode here if you guys did in fact

enjoy this episode be sure to leave alike on it slap a like on it slash do whatever the heck you want to do thatlike button just don't please don't do anything nasty towe didn't weigh what that being said tony wow not have any of you know wordsbefore we end off this episode you should like check me out in my dankcommentary cuz you know i'm here i am not being paid to be herei mean held against my own will you know i have actually in arises room theydon't need to know that anyways uh yeah go check out tony's channel his linkwill be in the description below as well as an ai car that'll be on screensomewhere and god dick anyways thank you

camera again for stopping recording buteither way we're gonna end it off here links to tony's channel will be in thedescription below gran links to the playlist as well if you haven't watchedthe first episode i know what the heck you're doing herebut yeah links to that wallace beat in the description below i didn't hope youguys enjoy this episode if you did leave a like on it answer the question of theday and with that being said boys i'll talk to you guys next time peace

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