pokemon rom hacks download

pokemon rom hacks download

so i’ve put a pretty decent chunk of timeinto playing the main series pokemon games, and don’t get me wrong they are great butsometimes you just get bored playing the same games over and over and over and over andover and over and over again and you need something to mix it up. something like a fan game that someone's pouredhours and hours into. now making a pokemon rom hack is hard andmaking a good one is harder. but making a new game with a set of brandnew pokemon takes it to a whole other level. so i figured why not showcase some of thesefan made pokemon games. ill leave links and everything down in thedescription in case you want to check any

of the games featured down in the descriptionbelow. lets get started //pokemon sweetpokemon sweet is a little different, as its not quite a full fakemon game but it makesthe cut in my opinion. it takes the normal pokemon firered game andmakes it a whole lot sweeter… literally. pokemon have been renamed to pokesweets andhave had their typings changed to reflect the games theme.the pokedex has been changedto a cookbook, the types to various flavors, and the pokemon to candies, cookies, and evencakes.

the overworld has been changed into a crazycandyland, and turned out pretty sweet. okay i know i should stop i’m sorry. if you played pokemon sweet version or planto play it, then keep your eyes peeled for the sequel. pokemon sweet 2th, which is just as sweetand has added so many new things as well. the creators really went all out and i woulddefinitely recommend these uhh *clip of google sweet synonyms* pleasant games. //pokemon uraniumyou’ve probably seen or heard something about pokemon uranium in the new recently,as they were in the news for quite a bit after

the pokemon company actually hit them witha dmca but if you look hard enough you can find anything on the internet. pokemon uranium was a fan game about 9+ yearsin the making, with around 150 new pokemon, but also has some familiar faces in it. the game features a new typing as well knownas nuclear since thats kinda the theme of pokemon uranium. if youre not a fan of new typings in the gamesthen fear not, these next 3 games don’t have that so lets take a look. //pokemon siennapokemon sienna is a bit of an older game,

but even now it stands the test of time. the game looks amazing, and looks are somethingthat is very important to me when it comes to games. the game is very colorful, but can also bepretty dark and edgy and if you know anything about me you know how edgy i like to be. but anyway back to sienna. it puts you in the voultan region where youcan meet a whole slew of new pokemon. it also gives you several other options likea storyline that is based on the decisions you make, options to travel between new regions,and one of my favorite things about pokemon

hacks, new music. its a very cool and older game, so i woulddefinitely advise you to go check it out if youre in the mood to play some new games. also the mascot is lugia so its obviouslygoing to be a good game. //pokemon vegapokemon vega, fun fact, was originally created by a group of japanese hackers but was latertranslated in english for us noobs to use. it might just be me but a lot of the coolestpokemon hacks seem to be in foreign languages. anyway pokemon vega drops you into a wholenew region known as the tohoak region where you have 181 new pokemon designs and concepts,as well as around 70 new moves.

also the music for this game is insanely good,and as i said the music is a major key. you can really tell that an insane amountof work went into this game and im thoroughly impressed. the overworld looks great, the fan createdpokemon look amazing, and even the aftergame is quite expansive. props to the creators and also the peoplethat took the time to translate this game. a job well done! //pokemon clovernow this is a game that actually took everyone by surprise at the start of the year, pokemonclover.

now not to be biased, but this is definitlymy favorite of the 5 ive mentioned so far. it has so many cool features, but the mostnotable one would have to be the inclusion of 386 wonderfully designed fakemon. the creators really went all out on this,the game looks beautiful, the music is amazing, the humor and dialogue alone is enough tomake me want to love this game. it gets a little offensive so if youre goingto get triggered over a pokemon game i would definitly not tell you to play this one. if you love memes you’ll be sure to lovethis game. i know im probably being really vague on thisone but i really dont have time to go over

all the features so i’ll just show you alist and you can decide for yourself whether or not the game is worth playing. spoilers, it is.

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