pokemon rom with all pokemon

pokemon rom with all pokemon

my name is nickel. ohnickel before we start in the last video i announced the giveaway for some steam and battlenet gift cards and all you had to do to enter was comment via the giveaway link in the description so every video that you do that for is one extra entry including this video and the last video but the reason i bring it up is because a lot of people said that they still didn't know what to comment about so i? just wanted to answer that and make it clear all you have to do is go to the giveaway link in the description and you'll see what to a comment about, that's it. if you click on the link it's pretty self-explanatory but i think that most people that we're asking that just didn't click on the link for some reason so anyway

i hope that makes sense the question is in the giveaway link good luck to everyone that enters but for now let's just jump straight into the video. i've done a few videos like these before where we just talked about cool artwork that's out there, but this is actually one artist that i've actually talked about before it's just one of the newer sets of his work so if you want to see more of his artwork make sure you check out the link to his website down below in the description for those of you that watch the video called overwatch plus one peace you probably remember han seok-bum, and well he's back but this time with pokemon for those of you guys that watched that last video

one of the things you probably remember that he's known for is crossing overwatch characters with characters of other franchises that and of course the style that he actually does it in which is pretty unique so for today we're going to take a look at some of his recent artwork which came out to be really interesting the website had presented his images originally is in korean and the way they laid it out was by showing an image of an overwatch character in this case tracer then it has vertical dots leading down to an exclamation point inside of a dialog box and then below that text it had a pokemon so here we have pikachu this is what you get when you mix tracer with pikachu tracer-chu, it's a pikachu with goggles and i guess it sort of makes sense since pikachu is the face of pokemon, tracer is pretty much the face of overwatch

she's on the box of it there was actually more text beneath this image and when it was translated it said wild pikachu appeared it is the main tracer of overwatch and the main pikachu of pokemon i think it's trying to say the main characters of each, and then it just says that both are fast and agile i'm guessing that's the reason why he decided to pair these two together so when you combine soldier 76 with blastoise you get this guy which actually looks awesome it's a blastoise and a vest version of soldier 76's jacket, on a website called nowloading.co they actually named some of these creations, and they titled this one blaster 76 which is a pretty good title and by the way as i show you guys these images

let me know down below in the comments which one of these ends up being your favorite if you can only choose one which one of these would you want to see in? a parody game or something i just wish there was a game where these existed somehow a gun-wielding blastoise, the description text below this one actually says the soldier of robustness 76 if you are strong , the turtle king. i think that any turtle that has a gun like that is probably the turtle king this next one actually makes a lot of sense it's a mixture between genji and scyther and it makes sense because they're both green and they slash things up with scyther obviously he slashes things up with his actual arms and genji as you all know has his dragon blade when he's "ulting"

so this is what you get when they become one and honestly if genji didn't exist this looks like it could actually be a pokemon or some strange evolution of scyther, the tracer-chu one is more like a costume for pikachu kind of like his luchador costume or any of his costumes and the blaster 76 one is more or less just blastoise holding a gun with the tactical visor on and a jacket but this one is actually genji as scyther which is pretty much exactly how you would imagine it but what do you get if you combine mccree and tauros but before i show you what it looks like just try to imagine what mccree and tauros would look like if they were combined it's probably not what this is going to end up looking like because his version of this combo is tauros with pants on smoking a cigarette with the hat and some metal over one of his legs

i also noticed that he has a gun but since he doesn't have fingers i'm guessing that gun isn't going to be getting much use, widowmaker and arbok gives you the final form of team rocket arbok in a pair of widowmaker yoga pants but using her giant sniper rifle with her tail because she also doesn't have any fingers somatically this definitely goes together the purple look of everything being a part of an evil organization because in a lot of ways talon is kind of like team rocket sort of if you were going to make the analogy jesse would be widowmaker reaper would be james and meowth would be sombra this one is pretty great it's horsea and mei and when you combine the two it's basically a horsea with a tiny little jacket on and a gun mounted on her head, that gun placement makes less sense than

giving the sniper rifle to arbok, the thing that really sells that it is mei is that horsea has the glasses on, this next one is for ana and for some reason it really seems to fit ana's personality i never realized that ana reminded me so much of an owl what he did was he combined her with noctowl for that stern sniper look, one of the eyes gone and the other one with the tattoo and a lot of these images were broken into two sections all the ones i've showed you so far were from the first wave i guess you could call it and of that first wave noctowl was the only "gen 2" pokemon that was included, probably one of the weirdest combos was with mr. mime, but i think that anything that you mix with mr. mime is going to end up being pretty weird because he's kind of a creepy pokemon, mr.

mime plus anything is going to lead to a strange result but this is what you get when you combine him with symmetra, torbjã¶rn and kingler gives you the true king crab what better combo than a pokemon that could always use a strong claw because torbjã¶rn's claw fits perfectly on kingler, mercy and ninetales give this very nursing version of ninetales and this next one is probably one of my favorites, zensprout which is basically a combination of bellsprout and zenyatta and since it's a plant he has the leaves levitating around it, but since it's a plant it also doesn't have legs so there's pants just over the roots of bellsprout with no legs coming out of it which kind of makes for a funny image, slaking is winston, rhydon is reinhardt our natural fits

but one that really nails it especially since so many people draw those squatty meme images of d.va is this one which is perfect because it's d.va but in the body of clefairy so it's like a chi-bi by default these last few i'll just breeze through really fast because they're part of that second wave that i was talking about but definitely check them out among all of the other artwork over on his website, junkrat got typhlosion sambra got mewtwo with the beauty mark included, of course roadhog got snorlax and seeing snorlax with his giant tattoo on him is pretty great, croconaw as zarya, gyarados as hanzo but even though i said before the zensprout was one of my favorite this one from the second set is probably even better, its

reaper as cubone. it's a really good fit they both have tragic backstories and they're both currently hiding their faces behind some kind of mask so that one is probably one of my favorites for sure but let me know down below in the comments which of these you guys like the most one last thing before i go if any if you guys want to submit stories for me to talk about in future videos all you have to do is go to the underwatch link down below in the description and once you're there you can see how to submit news there's also a place where if you want to have your gameplay featured here on the channel you can do that there as well and that's all for today guys if you enjoyed the video don't forget to leave a thumbs up i would appreciate it and if you

haven't checked out some of these other videos in the channel you can click on them to check them out whether you're on pc, or on mobile thanks a lot for watching guys, and i'll see you next time *nice music*

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