pokemon silver download

pokemon silver download

i’ve been a fan of pokemon for a long timenow. pokemon red was the very first video gamei’ve ever owned. 17 years later, i’m still playing pokemonwith gen6 being the best generation by far. however, silver is still my all-time favoritegame from the series. yes, there’s a little bit of nostalgia involvedwith that decision, but a big reason why i like it is because of the amount gen2 improvedfrom gen1. the color, the music, the day-night cycle,the improved mechanics, the addition of dark and steel types, all the new awesome pokemon,there’s so much that was great with gold and silver.but i think the best part about gen2 was the

postgame.being able to go back to kanto to see how it changed, you get to battle all the oldgym leaders, and you get to battle against red! it’s great! just great! no other gamein the series has matched that. other than visiting the sevii islands in firered and leaf green and the gen4 remakes of gold and silver, no other game has you visitingmore than one region. but what if there was a pokemon game thatinvolved exploring all the regions? would that even be possible? well, to answer thathere’s a quote from the director of x & y commenting about the possibility of an all-regiongame: “if we could come up with a way to reallymake that interesting, then it’s something

we’d implement – but for me, personally,as a theory, i think it would be more fun for us all to enjoy different locations andthen share that experience together than all have the same experience in the same region.”- junichi masuda so there’s a slight chance game freak willmake a game like this. however, there’s no way it would be likethe pokemon games we have now. think about it, all 6 generations of gamesuse the same exact formula. you play as a kid that starts off in somesmall town; you choose your starter pokemon which is either a water, fire, or grass type;you travel through the region collecting pokemon and battling 8 gym leaders; you have somesort of rival that periodically battles you;

there’s some sort of evil organization thatyou defeat; and when you’re done with all of that you go to the pokemon league whereyou battle to become the pokemon champion! some people say game freak have been overusingthis formula, but i think they’ve done a great job.they have improved it with each new generation. heck, the remakes gives us the chance to reallysee how much they’ve improved over the years. the problem is, this linear formula wouldnever work for a pokemon game that features all the regions.speqtor has made a really good video about why a typical pokemon game would not workfor this idea. i suggest you go watch it. https://youtu.be/xv_rjwldytw

however, i do think it is possible to havea good pokemon game that involves traveling to all the different regions.this game would keep the same mechanics, but not follow the same linear formula as theprevious games. if i was the one in charge, there would bea few things i would do to make this game interesting. first thing i would do is give the playerthe option of choosing where they start in the world.i’m not talking about choosing what region you start in.i’m talking about you getting the choice of what town you start in.you could start in pallet town, slateport

city, or two island if you really felt likeit. also, you will no longer be limited to choosinga fire, water, or grass type as your starting pokemon.one option is to borrow a pokemon to go catch your starter, like wally did in ruby and sapphire.if you start in a town that is close to a pokemon lab, you have the option of pickingone of the starters from the region. and you would always have the option of pickingeevee as your starter no matter what town you start from. what about your rival? what pokemon wouldhe or she have? would you have a single rival or multiple rivals?well, the player should choose what their

rival is like with in game dialogue.you can decide on having multiple rivals or no rival at all.and i’m pretty sure it would be easy to program what the rival’s pokemon are goingto be. anyway, along with choosing your startinglocation, you get to choose the order of which gym leaders you want to battle.if you’ve watch the pokemon origins series, you learn that gym leaders use certain pokemondepending on how many badges a trainer has. the same thing would happen in this game.no matter what order you challenge the gym leaders, the difficulty curve will still bethe same. one important thing is that you would be ableto travel within the regions without needing

to use hms.not only that, you would be able to travel to all the cities without experiencing randomencounters. this game will be set years after the previousgames where all routes between cities have proper infrastructure to make travel easy.if you want to go catch wild pokemon, just wander off the main path to find some.pokemon that are found close to the main path will be at lower levels while pokemon thatare farther from the path will be at higher levels.hms would be used to unlock bonus areas so you can find items and higher level pokemon,sort of like what we see in x and y. there will be certain areas like victory road,mt silver, and cerulean cave where you need

a certain amount of badges to enter.and to travel between regions, you would need to go to a certain city to travel by boat.this would be very similar to how you can take a boat from olivine city to vermilioncity. what about npc trainers you meet along yourjourney? well you could have them simply scale up indifficulty relative to how many badges you have just like the gym leaders.but here’s my interesting suggestion: npc trainers would be randomly generated in theworld. no more of the idea of trainers only stayingin one spot for the rest of eternity. each npc would be randomly assigned a badgecount, and their team would be based off of

this.npc trainers that have the same amount of badges as you will challenge you, just likein the original games. for all the other npc trainers, they willtell you how many badges they have and then you can decide if you want to battle themor not. and like i said, the npcs trainers will berandomly generated so that every time you go along a road or explore a cave, you wouldalways see different npc trainers there. if you couldn’t tell already, this gamewould be focused on giving players the option to play the game however they want.you choose where you start, you choose what pokemon you want, you choose how you travelthe world.

you’re no longer playing through the lifeof some child prodigy, you’re playing the game as yourself.you would also get the choice of what adventure you want to go on.not everyone can be the champion, so there would be other ways to have an adventure.one adventure option would involve joining the international police and stopping crimeon the global scale. this would be a perfect way to involve thewhole idea of traveling between regions. think about all the regions we saw looker.what about having the option of joining a villainous team?game freak will probably never do this, but i know a lot of people who would love to playas the bad guy for once.

don’t want to be a cop or a bad guy? howabout becoming a gym leader. choose a type you want to specialize in, builda team, kick one of the old gym leaders out of their position, and get ready to make somehopeful trainers cry! being a gym leader would have it’s own challengesand storyline, one that involves being a modest community leader in whatever town you locateyour gym at. if you end up building the best pokemon gymin your region, you would end up being promoted to the elite 4. now you would still have the option of becominga champion if you want. but if i was in charge, i would make it themost challenging thing you can do in the game.

to become a champion, you would need to defeatthe elite 4 and the current champion all in 1 sitting without using items.oh and the elite 4 and champion will have level 100 pokemon. good luck!oh, and if you do become champion, you then have to defend your title.every once in awhile a trainer will defeat the elite 4 and challenge you to a battle.if you lose to him or her, you lose your title. becoming the champion of all the regions atthe same time should be almost as hard as winning a real-life pokemon tournament. one more suggestion: you know how there’snuzlocke, monotype, solo runs, and other challenging ways to play pokemon?instead of needing to restart the game to

take on the challenges, build these challengesinto the game. say you collect all the badges from everyregion and want to take on one of the challenges mentioned.you talk to a pokemon league official to start a challenge, this official will follow youaround the region so you would follow the rules, and when you’ve completed the challengeyou get a nice little award in the game. and you would be able to do this without needingto reset your game. before i move on, i will say yes i know pokemonis supposed to be a kid’s game. but let’s be honest game freak, your audienceis getting older. the typical pokemon formula is probably notgoing to be working in the next 10 years.

you’re gonna need to do something that doesnot rely on nostalgia to keep fans interested in the franchise.i think having a pokemon game where you can choose your own adventure would be the bestway to cater to a wide demographic. the international police adventure would catermore towards new players while the more challenging adventures would be targeted to long timefans of the series. the one thing i would not change is the battlinggameplay. the turn based battles are integral to whatmakes a pokemon game a pokemon game. there is room for improvement, but i wouldn’tcompletely change the system. also, as i hinted before this all-regionsgame would be a sequel to all the games we

have now.you would see every region years after you first encountered them.obviously you’d be visiting all the regions featured in the main games, but it might bea stretch to involve the regions from the spin-off games. there might be a couple of drawbacks withmy grand idea. first thing is dedicating the resources tomaking a game like this. it’s not so much the technology or filesize that’s the problem; the possible cost to make such a game might be too steep. the other drawback is the possibility thatmy all-region pokemon game might jump the

shark for the games.if an all-region game was to exist, it would mean there will be no more new pokemon andno more new regions to explore. the whole pokemon world would be mapped out.there is the possibility of having a sequel to the all-regions game i’m proposing now,but for the most part there wouldn’t be anything new with the pokemon world afterthat. this would be an all-or-nothing sort of gamethat might serve as the last big hurrah for the series. but hey, i say go big or go home. so what’sit going to be game freak? i know it’s highly unlikely they’ll dedicatethe resources to developing such a game. but

i can dream, can’t i?what do you guys think? is my idea for an all-regions pokemon game a good idea?let me know in the comments and i’ll see you later.

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