pokemon xy emerald gba

pokemon xy emerald gba

eryizo: one of my favorite starter pairs outof all the games has to be the ones from the hoenn region. treecko, mudkip, and torchicall have their uses in battle, but which one is statistically the best choice to go withto beat the games? zelda: i don't know. eryizo: i know that i was going to tell youover the course of this- wait a minute who are you? zelda: i have no idea. eryizo: do you know anything? zelda: the only thing i know is the best starterfrom hoenn… oddly specific detail i know.

eryizo: but you… you just tol- well sinceyou’re here you wanna help me with this video mr…? zelda: zeldawars98!... but you can call mezelda… wars98 eryizo: ok? well as you guys know there isno right or wrong starter to pick but there definitely is a best pokemon to choose thatwould benefit you the most. today we are going to be exploring the hoenn region. if you guysenjoy the video be sure to leave a like subscribe and share this video with a friend and withthat being said let’s get started. zelda: actually, before we start talking aboutwhich starter is the best, we have to clear up how we are going to be judging the startersbecause it is going to be a little different

than the other videos in the series. eryizo: oh yeah we gotta do that. since pokemonemerald is fairly different from it’s predecessor games we have decided to give a differentresult for that specific game. with the gym leaders having a few different pokemon ontheir team and the champion being completely different, emerald changes almost everythingwhen it comes to our results. so with all that out of the way let’s get started. zelda: our journey starts in professor birch’sbriefcase, where we have to make the most important decision in our life, treecko, mudkipor torchic? eryizo: well mudkip is the cutest out of the3 starters so he has to be the best right?

i mean he even has his own meme. zelda: even though it was a very close call,mudkip is not the best. eryizo: what? how? zelda: easy, mudkip only helps with roxanne,watson, flannery and tate and liza. other than that he pretty much goes even with therest of the gym leaders with the exception of wallace who would give him some trouble. eryizo: well that’s true, plus most of theelite four gives him a few problems too. sydney has a few grass pokemon, glacia has a fewwater pokemon, and drake well he has dragons… dragons are op.

zelda: there you go, and this is even worstin pokemon emerald where wallace is the champion and completely walls swampert. eryizo: well if mudkip isn’t the best thentreecko has to be the best then. i mean he does have the type advantage on wallace plushe destroys mudkip in a 1 on 1 battle. zelda: well, no. treecko actually performsworse than mudkip, even if it is by a little bit. treecko does well against roxanne, tateand liza, wallace, and watson because of the resistance. the other gyms aren't much ofa problem, except for flannery and winona. and as for the elite four members he strugglesagainst glacia and her ice types, drake and his op dragon types and unfortunately thebiggest problem, steven the champion with

his steel types. eryizo: so that leaves us with torchic, waittorchic best starter pokemon? this cant be how can this thing that looks like a penisbe the best starter pokemon in hoenn? it just doesn’t make sense. well now that i thinkabout it, it kinda does. yes, torchic does have a rough start to the game with roxane,but if you do evolve it to a combusken you do get access to double kick which does supereffective damage. besides that, it goes even with brawly and watson, resists flannery,and does well against norman. the problems start with the last 3 gym leaders. zelda: winona, wallace and tate and liza alldo extremely well against blaziken. but by

the time you encounter those gyms your teamshould be well di-versed at that point to handle blazikens weaknesses.although blaziken has the most weaknesses we felt that it makes up for that by havingthe most strengths, especially when it comes to the elite four. he destroys sidney, glaciaand most importantly steven. eryizo: so there you have it. the definitivebest starter in hoenn is torchic right? zelda: yes, in ruby and sapphire. in emeraldit’s a whole nother story. there is one big difference that changes everything. thechampion. in pokemon emerald steven is no longer the league champion, instead it's wallace.by wallace becoming the champion and juan remaining a water user, this gives sceptilethe upper hand.

eryizo: well what are you trying to say? zelda: i'm saying that depending on the versionyou play, the best starter is different. if you’re playing ruby and sapphire then thebest choice would be torchic, but if you’re playing emerald then the best starter is treecko. eryizo: even though these pokemon are statisticallythe best again there is no right or wrong choice. these pokemon are so evenly matchedthat it’s no wonder why people have such a tough time choosing their starter eryizo: thank you guys so much for watchingif you enjoyed video be sure to leave a like and let me know in the comment section below.if you haven’t already, subscribe to the

channel and become an eryibro today. i alsowould like to thank zeldawars98 for joining me today. zelda: it was fun being here eryizo. why don'twe go on down to my channel and talk about which version of the gen 3 games are betterruby and sapphire or oras? eryizo: i think we all know the answer tothat one but if you guys want to come down with us be sure to click the annotation here.if you want to see my previous best starter videos click the other annotation here, andwith that being said i will see you guys on zelda’s channel.

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