pokemon yellow gba rom

pokemon yellow gba rom

hey guys what's up q2foou herethis is the brother little boy play'n some pokemon breeders addition which is gonna be a really fun because its pokemon and it goes superslow on this computer because i could not get visual boy towork for some reason cuz like for some reason visual boy loves to hate me theday blah blah blah we're gonna name him bob no we name him fogget foget foget

foget foget ahh his name is foget okay brock okay so this little thing aboutbreeders addition which i umm this is personally one of my favorite roms that i have actually played okay hold on its unsafe wild pokemon live in tallgrass you need your own pokemon for your protection.. iknow!! here come with me little boy to my place of pokemonness yes yes foget foget yes

your name is fun to say okay the thing aboutbreeders addition is i believe the pokemon choices are yeah it's a geodude, an onix, and a vulpix so i'm actual gonna get.. let you guys look atthe onyx real quick i don't think they add them to the pokedexbecause you not have the pokedex yet so i i've actually never looked intothat i just thought about that so i've got some homework to do with yousummer home ahhhh ah summer homework okay let's check out our pokemon come on

we'll take you on he's taking me on brahbrah brah do you even do you even battle brah bra battle umm.. i like the vulpix it's personally my favorite starter inthe game but the game that you guys to play if youwant a good starter would be pokemon team a rocket additionand he pwned me with his tackle okay i'll make my pokemon fight to toughen it up okay now that he istough going to toughen up his pokemon we might as well go over to the othercity citay

citya oh no a wild pokemon a pidgey pidgey a pidgey it's a beautiful pidgeyeveryone loves pidgey pidgeys i sound like one of those pirates from pirates of the caribbean online uhh poco i might as well heal up real quick because that battle with damaging to myuhh lca...lca it's my lc something i tore my

something and now it's a game ending inre... inre? injury okay so now we have gone that wonderful thingmy little brock will go back and actually go and pwn some people because he knowshow to do it right because i don't because i'm just notthat cool okay and dats thats my problem i'm not as cool as brock okay i got him his parcel parcel zen his parcel

how do you say it parcel? and don't putdown the comment how to say it because you're gonna put it down on the comments and can be exactly how it's spelled andthat's not gonna be helpful ah brock got pokedex from zen i got that zen pokedex the zen pokedex oh to fulfill get moving you two get you'rebutts in gear get your butts in gear and hold on yay yaaay so now that we've gone out there

we got to go get the town map from his hot sister.. hot sister: grandpa asked you to run and errand here this will help you ya you canonly say hot sister when you're playing the actual game becausegary's sister was hot and why am i sayin the word hot over and over again?i don't know it's a saturdya i'm nobody's texting me because i'm not popular umm.. and all these other problems that ihave stuff and i'm 15 this is my actual voice i'm loveable that's not what your ex said

*demon voice* shut up!! *normal voice* okay that was a little bit of an out burst talking to myself because i'm thatlovable right? tell me you love me tell me you care because i know you don't but i'll bethere you love my heart i love you too and we are ever ever and i don't even know how that song goes that is definitely not the right wordsthat is a parody therefore no copyright woohoo everyoneusing the umm

wonderful loophole of fair use like i use to guy who kinda looks like gary oak burn you on fire like my mixtape spittin' fire like it's gelatin on my first day naaaaahh i ain't triopectate what that was sooooo sooo weird that was weirder.. that's probably the weirdest thing i'vedone today oh no!

umm i am going to be destroyed yes yes! i'm doing a victory dance okay umm... i beat m'gary m'gary m'boy m'boy i can't even reach down that low but i use to know a guy who could uhh he had a youtube channel too miss him i wish he could do some voices or something for me he was able to kind of pull that off alittle bit little bit

a little bit okay so now that i have completed that we can goget them healing done down at the pokemon center ehh ohhh my mics in the way neeh where's your puddding ahh okay now we've done that we can travel over to pewter city pewter city as we go to pewter city we will wonderfully talk about

the future of my life because i'm livingday today now now that the paychecks are not coming ini quit my job oh no that would be bad 0 o 0 making it making its making it okay there we goono encountered by one if you're wondering idid i did defeat the other people before so yeah it's not like i have somemystical wizard spells are when you play the game it's it's not gonna do that by it

maybe you could wish that you are awizard like me and then if you're a wizard like me you be play'n all them games we are now inpewter city and we're going to challenge the gym leader soon as we can that'll probably be the next videothough because you don't need a challenge a gym leader when you ain't got no style brah metapod metapod do some

tackle tackle to string shot string shot speed fell string shot you see all the attacks are failing because of hte sand stuff why does he keep oding the sand stuff darude sandstorm oh no you on fire like my mixtape what okay so now we are going to challenge thisbeautiful guy right there look at him standing in the place wher brock once stood when he wasn't a breeder isn't it sad

well we're going to challenge him or iam you guys aren't in the next video so i wanna thank you guys for watching don't forget to rate comment subscribeto be mary and of course see you in the next video

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