pyrite colosseum

pyrite colosseum

what is up everyone? i'm ken, also known aswiltshire and welcome to today's video. in today's video, i show you guys how torandomize pokemon colosseum for the nintendo gamecube. to start off the tutorial, you are gonnaneed a few things. now you are going to have to have an iso of pokemon i will not be showing you guys where to get the iso of pokemon colosseum. i, infact, copied my original version of pokemon colosseum using my wii, that hasbeen modified, using dvd dumper. so, this is a direct iso of the copy of the gamethat i already own. now, i will, again, not be showing guys where to find the isodownload of pokemon colosseum. also, do note

that it has to be the usa version ofpokemon colosseum and not the pal version or this will not work. now thereare three other things that we are going to need to use in this tutorial; tsukuyomiups patcher, gamecube rebuilder and the pokemon colosseum randomizerpatch files. those will all be in one big package that you can download and itwill be linked in the description below. so make sure you guys download thatpackage before you continue on with the tutorial. with all that said, let's get toextracting the contents of those zipped folder that you downloaded and to the patchingprocess. on your desktop there should be two files. one, the pokemon colosseum isoand, two, the pokemon colosseum randomizer

patch files that i provided for you. now the patch files are in a zipped folder and whatwe need to do is we need to extract that zipped folder. we can do this by rightclicking on the zipped folder and by going to extract all. now, if you have winrar installed on your pc, the extractor will not come up. instead,it will open up in winrar. now since i do not have winrar selected to open withzipped folders, it comes up with the built-in extractor for windows. all youhave to do here is click the extract button and it will extract all the filesthat we need to follow this tutorial. now once the extractor has finished, we willget three brand new file folders. one is

gamecube rebuilder, one is the pokemoncolosseum randomizer patch files and tsukuyomi ups patcher. the 1st onewe'll be going into is gamecube rebuilder and we can go ahead and openup gamecube rebuilder as well. once we're open and in gamecube rebuilder, what we need to do next is we need to open up the pokemon colosseum iso in gamecuberebuilder and we can do this by going to image and open. next, select thepokemon colosseum iso and it will open it in gamecube rebuilder. next, whatwe have to do is we have to go to the window over on the right here and we have to expand the file foldercalled '&&systemdata'. this can be

done by going to the [+] button beside itand it will show up 4 brand new files. the file we want to pay attentionto is 'start.dol'. now all we have to do with those files is we have to rightclick on 'start.dol' and go to export and go ahead and save it to your desktop. you'll also get a message saying successand done click ok on that and we have to do this step once more for another file.and that file is 'common.fsys'. so go ahead and export that file as well to yourdesktop and we are done with gamecube rebuilder for now. do not close gamecuberebuilder! just minimize gamecube rebuilder. next, what we have to do iswe have to go to see tsukuyomi ups patcher.

go ahead and open up tsukuyomiups patcher. as you can see, it's kind of a basic layout. so, there's not too much that mayconfuse you. the button you want to press is the top left here 'apply patch to an existingfile' go ahead and click that and now it's gonna ask us what ups patch file we want to applyto a target file. now, the ups patch file is in the file folder that has thepokemon colosseum randomizer patch files. you can find those by goinginto this file folder right here and you'll notice that there are five versions ofthe pokemon colossuem randomizer patch files. these five different folders containfive different versions of pokemon colosseum randomized. now i used pokemoncolosseum version e on my let's play. and if

you guys want to check that let's play outyou can click the video on the top left hand corner there or the link in thedescription, if you guys want to check out my let's play pokemon colosseumrandomized. in this video today, i'll be using pokemon colosseum randomized can feel free to use any of these five files if you want. if you select eyou'll be getting the same starters that i had in my let's play. i'm not going tospoil it for you guys on what starters i got. but, each one contains differentstarting pokemon and the way they are randomized. i'll be using e, again, in this tutorial asan example. so i'm gonna select the file and the target file that wehave to select is the common.fsys file that is on your desktop. so all you have to do isscroll to your desktop and find the common file and that is it that's allyou need to do. to make sure that you have got the right file, that you arepatching with the correct file, i should say. make sure you have common in boththe file names and then all you have to do is click apply patch and it will saysuccess and then you can click the ok button and tsukuyomi ups patcher willclose. now we have to open up tsukuyomi

ups patcher once more and we haveto patch the 'start.dol'. so, again, go to the same window 'apply patch to anexisting file'. this time we're gonna select the patch file that starts with the common... excuse me, the start file that was in the e folder insteadof a common folder. so start_randomized_e that is what will be selecting. the target file will be the 'start.dol' that we extracted earlierfrom gamecube rebuilder. so, just give me a second to scroll through here andthere it is. select the 'start.dol' and click apply and that is all you need do! we areofficially done with tsukuyomi ups patcher. you can feel free to delete thatfile folder, if you want. next we'll be going

back into gamecube rebuilder, that we didnot close before. next what we need to do is we need to right click on start.dol and go to import and we need to import the patched 'start.dol' that we patch withtsukuyomi ups patcher. so, scroll to your desktop and find the 'start.dol' thatwe patched. it will say done and we need to do the same thing to the 'common.fsys' file and import that as well and we need to find the patched common filethat we did before. there it is and we are done! we are officially done withgamecube rebuilder version 1.0. we have successfully randomized pokemoncolosseum at this point and you guys can feel free to open up dolphin or, if youhave a modified gamecube, you can burn it

to a disk and play it on the actualconsole. all you have to do now we have either burn the iso that you havepatched, which is right here, to a disk or you can open it up with dolphin, if you feellike using an emulator instead. that contains or concludes, i should say, ourtutorial on how to randomize pokemon colosseum. if you guys wanna see what thestarters are for the pokemon colosseum patch file e, i will leave a little snippet of video after i do myoutro and you guys can see what starters i get with the version e of the patch andonce again, i hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. if you guys like this video, hitthe like button below. i'd very much

appreciate that. if you guys want morecontent or anything that i do in the near future, hit that subscribe button i'd very muchappreciate that guys. as always, my name's ken, also known as wiltshire. ifit's easy to follow, it's easy to learn. and i will see you guys in the nextvideo. thanks for watching guys! thanks so much for watching guys! if you guyswant to check out the last two videos that i did, i did a room tour version 2. irecently changed my whole room around. you guys can click that video on the left. if you want to know how to freely move or synchronize your audio in premierepro easily, then click the video on the

right. anyways guys i'll catch you guys later! what are my starters? we have a blisseyand a rayquaza. are you serious?! well...

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