tm pokemon fire red

tm pokemon fire red

ba-na-na. “i wanna be the very best." "like no one ever-” aw, wooper nuts. a tree. well, better give up and go home. now hold on a minute, youngster. what you need is an hm. they can teach your pokã©mon secret moves to overcome obstacles. i've spent 60 years trying to find them. oh, you mean these? yeah, i bought them at a kiosk in the mall.

oh. well. i guess i'll just go to the mall then. 60 years... and i know just the move to defeat my new rival: this tree. alright, geodude. time to learn strenk-tuh open wide! geodude- oh!

okay boy. now throw me over. to victory! ow! okay, pidgey. use fly to carry me o- ver. huh. alright. one of these hms has to work mushroom bug, use flash! oh! i'm blind! we're under attack!

go bidoof! okay, zubat number seven. time for us to learn how to surf. huh eh. he gets it. hang ten! faster! these hms aren't working! what would red do here? (gasps) that's it!

yes! now i can stop team rocket and save the world.

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