where is the colosseum

where is the colosseum

two female u.s. tourists got arrested afterthey defaced the colosseum in rome in fact the two women carved out their initials andthey got caught immediately according to the guardian the californians aged 21 and 25 snuckaway from the their tour group on saturday and began scratching their initials into theamphitheatre with a coin they managed a j and an n around 8cm high before taking a selfiewith their handiwork genius gee i wonder if they have an evidence on them now before wego to i don't want to get to eh ugly american tourist thing cause i know that there's alot of people that are thinking that let me just note that recently ok last year in factthere were people from australia, brazil, and canada that were also caught doing thesame thing and the results in a story in some

russians doing some defacing so don't hateon the americans in this case it's not unique to american tourists turns out weren't homosapiens we're all human beings that have our upsides and our downsides our upside is webuilt a colosseum our downside is we ruin it oh my god ok anyways now look recentlywe had the isis destroying the museums and the ancient artwork and the sculptures inmosel and other places in iraq and it was gut wrenching we showed the video and i couldhardly look at the video this is not anywhere near the same level i mean they just pulverizedpriceless parts of our history our human history that were over 3,000 years old right but dudelike you knuckleheads you're not isis you're not doing it maliciously i hope right butyou're chipping away at it literally right

yeah you wouldn't going into a museum andscratch a painting right and so could you imagine like dude let's put our initials inthe mona lisa it'll be cool look i think part of it is just the environment you're in partof it is the nature of the art or the historical structure so you look at the colosseum inrome and it's ruins right it's ruins so i think a lot of people think oh it's not abig deal and i know that it's true of the pyramids as well i mean i've had a lot ofpeople tell me that pyramids will have graffiti on them or people will do something to youknow destroy them basically and it's stupid you can have that mentality this is so importantit's such a huge part of ancient rome the history you want to learn about these thingsand you don't want to destroy it and by the

way even if it was just a random wall rightfirst of all you freaking lady you women you're in our twenties you're not like a 12-year-oldwhy are you carving your initial in anything even it was a random wall even if it was apiece of fruit grow the hell up look i think some people make the absurd argument thisis part of living history that we'll also be part of the ruins get out of here and throughoutall the years the different people that have marketed their initials in there you knowthat's part of the living history i'm probably giving them too much credit they probablydidn't even both thinking of that bullshit excuse no they thought like oh my god herewe are it's rome the ruins let's put our initials and take a selfie like that's what they werethinking grow the fuck up grow the fuck up

you're i your twenties or they thought whenit rome don't do it you're a child i know ok don't do it it's stupid and it's not justroman history it's not just that you're defacing things that are priceless in italy it's allof our history and so it's a profoundly selfish act to destroy all of our history you don'thave the right to do that

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